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Yellow Submarine
Released August 5, 1966
B-Side Eleanor Rigby
Genre Psychedelic Rock
Length 2:38
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Paperback Writer
Eleanor Rigby

Yellow Submarine is a song from the album Revolver. It also appeared on the Beatles movie with the same name. It was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and sung by Ringo Starr (who, it would seem, sang most of the "whimsical" songs written by the Beatles. Member of the band Paul McCartney said that the song was merely a light-hearted children's song. EOG remixed it in June 12.

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  • Ringo Starr – Lead and Backing Vocals, Drums, drumstick tapping, sound effects, crowd noise
  • Paul McCartney - Bass Guitar (Rickenbacker 4001S), Harmony Vocals, nautical voices, sound effects
  • John Lennon - Rhythm Guitar (Gibson J-160E), Harmony Vocals, nautical voices, blowing bubbles, sound effects
  • George Harrison – Harmony Vocals, Tambourine, sound effects
  • Mal Evans - Bass drum, chains in bucket of water, shuffling sand, crowd noise, backing vocals
  • John Skinner - Chains in a bucket of water, crowd noise, backing vocals
  • Terry Condon - Chains in a bucket of water, crowd noise, backing vocals
  • Brian Jones - Tapping drinking glasses, crowd noise, backing vocals
  • Mick Jagger - Sound effects, crowd noise, backing vocals
  • Marianne Faithfull - Sound effects, crowd noise, backing vocals
  • Pattie Boyd- Sound effects, crowd noise, backing vocals
  • Alf Bicknell - Rattling chains
  • Neil Aspinall - Backing vocals
  • George Martin - Backing vocals
  • Geoff Emmerick - Backing Vocals



The Beatles - Yellow Submarine

Behind the scenes[]

  • The Anthology version features Ringo speaking a short narrative part at the beginning of the song and a ship bell ringing.
  • There is also a charity called Yellow Submarine after this song, based in Oxfordshire in the UK. They cater for people with learning difficulties in Oxfordshire. An email enquiry about the origins of the name returned the reply that the name was chosen because "the song has over time become an anthem for fun and excitement" and "because of the strong and memorable visual identity of a submarine".

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