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Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (Remastered 2010)

Whatever Gets You Thru The Night’ was released as the first single from ‘Walls and Bridges‘ on 23 September 1974. It became John’s first solo No.1 single in the USA and featured Elton John performing backing vocals and piano.

“I was fiddling about one night and Elton John walked in with Tony King of Apple — you know, we’re all good friends — and the next minute Elton said, ‘Say, can I put a bit of piano on that?’ I said, ‘Sure, love it!’ He zapped in. I was amazed at his ability: I knew him, but I’d never seen him play. A fine musician, great piano player. I was really pleasantly surprised at the way he could get in on such a loose track and add to it and keep up with the rhythm changes — obviously, ’cause it doesn’t keep the same rhythm… And then he sang with me. We had a great time.” – John Lennon, 1974


  • John Lennon: vocals, guitar
  • Elton John: vocals, piano, organ
  • Jesse Ed Davis: electric guitar
  • Eddie Mottau: acoustic guitar
  • Bobby Keys: saxophone
  • Ken Ascher: clavinet
  • Klaus Voormann: bass guitar
  • Arthur Jenkins: percussion
  • Jim Keltner: drums
  • Written by John Lennon
  • Produced by John Lennon