The Night Before is a song by The Beatles from the album and film Help!. It was written by Paul McCartney and credited to Lennon/McCartney.

Composition and recordingEdit

John Lennon plays a Hofner Pianet electric piano throughout the song accompanied by McCartney's ascending and descending bass lines. The song's verse has a call and response structure, McCartney's lead vocal alternating with Lennon and George Harrison' harmony, singing the chorus "Aaah the night before...", the whole being alternated with a second melody. Paul plays a guitar solo with George on the third verse that is recapitulated in part as the coda of the song.

Film performanceEdit

The song is performed on Salisbury Plain in the second Beatles film, Help! and, just as it finishes, a mine explodes, leading the audience to believe briefly that the Beatles have been blown up.


Personnel per Ian MacDonald; he was uncertain if the percussion instrument was a tambourine or not.

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