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The Night Before is a song by The Beatles from the album and film Help!. It was written by Paul McCartney and credited to Lennon/McCartney.

Composition and recording[]

John Lennon plays a Hohner Pianet electric piano throughout the song accompanied by McCartney's ascending and descending bass lines. The song's verse has a call and response structure, McCartney's lead vocal alternating with Lennon and George Harrison's harmony, singing the chorus "Aaah the night before...", the whole being alternated with a second melody. McCartney plays a double guitar solo in tandem with Harrison on the third verse that is recapitulated in part as the coda of the song.

Film performance[]

The song is performed on Salisbury Plain in the second Beatles film, Help! and, just as it finishes, a mine explodes, leading the audience to believe briefly that the Beatles have been blown up.


Personnel per Ian MacDonald; he was uncertain if the percussion instrument was a tambourine or not.

Cover versions[]

  • Restless Heart released a cover version on their 2004 album Still Restless.

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