Problems with the policyEdit

Hey there,

I have a problem with the policy and was wondering if a bit of it can be changed. There needs to be more added to work is regarded as "nonsense pages" as different wikis have different takes. I find that a 1 week block for duplicate pages is a bit harsh as many make mistakes done in good faith without actually intending to do any harm. I found the words "ass" and "damn" to be a bit inappropriate to be added to the policy and only removed the one "damn" as it is not fitting and I have no rights to really change a wikis policy, and so I feel that that line should be appropriately reworded. Also, the fifth rule regarding "being friendly", it then goes on to say that there is only the Yeepsi and Nobody Cares are exempt from being friendly. I don't feel that is necessary as the Beatles were all about peace and love so I feel that everyone is entitled to 100% love on this wiki, and being admins does not put you on a high pedestal that allow such behaviour, and will drive potential editors away as this seems to be somewhat threatening. I only suggested these suggestions to not bash anyone but done in respect and love for the wiki so that the wiki can upkeep what the Beatles truly signified. -- DoctorStrange (talk) 18:00, February 12, 2011 (UTC)

Hey! Nobody Cares, is the one who came up with the Policy, not me. So, don't blame me for being "unfriendly". :P -- *Peace* I'm Thinking of Linking 08:59, May 6, 2011 (UTC)

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