This is a (probably incomplete) list of the things which need to be done to make this wiki a better place. Suggest additions and alterations on the talk page.

  • The single most important task is to go through all the Articles copied from Wikipedia and rewrite them to be original. Also keep a look-out for pages stolen from Wikipedia (those copied from there without proper attribution), and if it's not feasible to rewrite them, at the very least stick a {‍{Wikipedia}} tag on them.

    As things stand at present., people seeking Beatle information would be better off cutting out the middle man and going straight to Wikipedia, where they will see fresher versions of the same articles.
  • Also needed is to flesh-out all stub and song stub articles into full-blown ones.
  • Where songs or albums are mentioned in the Paul McCartney Project wiki, add the tag {‍{TMCP Song}} or {‍{TMCP Album}} respectively, to lead visitors to the right article on that wiki.
  • Write pages for the instruments that each of The Beatles used.
  • Purge this wiki of any unwanted / undesirable content, including:
    • Fanon (the Policy page links to a Beatles Fanon Wiki, pages could be moved there)
    • Spam (this is prohibited by the Wikia Terms of Use)
    • Nonsense, especially conspiracy theories (such as the "Paul is dead" hoax). Factual and non-nonsensical references to nonsensical ideas are allowed, provided that they are Beatles relevant.
    • Links directing users to use off-Wikia wikis instead of Wikia (again, prohibited by the ToU). Links to other wikis for information purposes (e.g. Wikipedia, the Paul McCartney Project) are allowable, provided that neither the linking page nor the page linked seek to draw the user away from Wikia.
    • Subjective statements, whether positive, negative or neutral. This is an encyclopaedia, not a review site.
    • Hash tags. This isn't a social-media site either, and hash tags don't work on wikis anyway. #hashtagsareforidiots
    • Anything non-Beatle-related (except in the User: namespace, and one image (not video) in the File: namespace, provided that it is used on the uploader's user page).
    • copyright violations, including images with visible watermarks and images whose EXIF data say that they must not be used on any site other than the original site.
Note that the above is not a complete list. Use your judgement, or report suspect pages.