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Beatles News

La guitarra que John Lennon usó en ‘Help!’ se subasta por 2,9 millones de dólares - John Yoon - 2024/05/30 18:56

Tras aparecer en varios álbumes de The Beatles, el instrumento permaneció olvidado durante más de 50 años, hasta que apareció en el desván de una casa en la campiña británica....

John Lennon’s Guitar From ‘Help!’ Is Sold for $2.9 Million at Auction - John Yoon - 2024/05/30 14:14

After appearing in multiple albums by the Beatles, the instrument was forgotten for more than 50 years before it turned up in the attic of a British countryside home....

How Big Is Taylor Swift? - Joe Coscarelli, Courtney Cox and Fred Bierman - 2024/05/23 09:34

As big as the Beatles? Michael Jackson? Beyoncé? We crunched the numbers....

Los hijos de Paul McCartney y John Lennon lanzan una nueva canción - Marc Tracy - 2024/04/18 20:00

James McCartney colaboró con Sean Ono Lennon para “Primrose Hill”, una balada con ecos de la estética de los Beatles....

Sons of Paul McCartney and John Lennon Release New Song - Marc Tracy - 2024/04/17 19:10

James McCartney teamed with Sean Ono Lennon for “Primrose Hill,” a ballad with echoes of the Beatles aesthetic....

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I'll Cry Instead/I'm Happy Just To Dance With You single cover

The cover from the I'll Cry Instead/I'm Happy Just to Dance With You single.

'I'm Happy Just to Dance with You' is mainly a John Lennon composition (credited to Lennon/McCartney) recorded by The Beatles for the film soundtrack to A Hard Day's Night, and first released on 1 March 1964.

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Featured Album

Anthology 1 is a compilation album by The Beatles, released on Apple Records in November 1995. It is the
Anthology 1

'Anthology 1', released in 1995

first of a three-volume collection, all of which tie-in with the televised special The Beatles Anthology, and contains 'Free as a Bird,' billed as the first new Beatles song in 25 years. It topped the Billboard 200 album chart, and was certified 4x Platinum by the RIAA.

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Rubber Soul is the sixth album by The Beatles; it was released on December 3, 1965 in the United Kingdom and on December 6, 1965 in the United States. Rubber Soul was produced by George Martin, and recorded in just over a month to make the Christmas Market. In 2003, the album was ranked number 5 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. In 2006, the album was also chosen by Time Magazine as one of the 100 best albums of all time.

Musically, the Beatles broadened their sound, most notably with influences drawn from the contemporary folk-rock of the Byrds and Bob Dylan. The album also saw the Beatles broadening rock n' roll's instrumental resources, most notably on "Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)". This track is generally credited as being the first pop recording to use the sitar, an Indian stringed instrument, and "Norwegian Wood" sparked a musical craze for the sound of the novel instrument in the mid-Sixties. The song is now acknowledged as one of the cornerstones of what is now usually called "world music" and it was a major landmark in the trend towards incorporating non-Western musical influences into Western popular music. Harrison had recently been introduced to Indian classical music and the sitar by David Crosby of the Byrds. He soon became fanatically interested in the genre and began taking sitar lessons from renowned Indian sitar virtuoso Ravi Shankar.

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The Beatles

The Beatles
No band has influenced pop culture the way The Beatles have. They were one of the best things to happen in the twentieth century, let alone the Sixties. They were youth personified. They were unmatched innovators who were bigger than both Jesus and rock & roll itself: During the week of 4 April 1964, the Beatles held the first five slots on the Billboard Singles chart; they went on to sell more than a billion records; and 2000's 1 , a compilation of the Beatles Number One hits, hit Number One in 35 countries and went on to become the best-selling album of the 2000s.

Every record was a shock when it came out. Compared to rabid R&B evangelists like the Rolling Stones, the Beatles arrived sounding like nothing else. They had already absorbed Buddy Holly, the Everly Brothers and Chuck Berry, but they were also writing their own songs. They made writing your own material expected, rather than exceptional. As musicians, the Beatles proved that rock & roll could embrace a limitless variety of harmonies, structures, and sounds; virtually every rock experiment has some precedent on Beatles records. As a unit the Beatles were a synergistic combination: Paul McCartney's melodic bass lines, Ringo Starr's slaphappy no-rolls drumming, George Harrison's rockabilly-style guitar leads, John Lennon's assertive rhythm guitar — and their four fervent voices. As personalities, they defined and incarnated Sixties style: smart, idealistic, playful, irreverent, eclectic. Their music, from the not-so-simple love songs they started with to their later perfectionistic studio extravaganzas, set new standards for both commercial and artistic success in pop.

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