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The Beatles' Second Album
Released 10 April 1964
Studio EMI Studios (Abbey Road Studios)
Genre Rock And Roll, Merseybeat
Length 27:30
Label Capitol Records
Producer George Martin
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The Beatles' Second Album is the US version of The Beatles' album With the Beatles.

Track listing[]

All Songs credited to Lennon-McCartney unless otherwise noted.

Side 1[]

1. Roll Over Beethoven (Chuck Berry)
2. Thank You Girl
3. You Really Got a Hold on Me (Smokey Robinson)
4. Devil in Her Heart (Richard Drapkin)
5. Money (That's What I Want) (Janie Bradford, Berry Gordy, Jr.
6. You Can't Do That

Side 2[]

1. Long Tall Sally (Robert Blackwell, Enotris Johnson, Little Richard)
2. I Call Your Name
3. Please Mister Postman (Robert Bateman, Georgia Dobbins, Garrett, Fred Gorman, Brian Holland)
4. I'll Get You
5. She Loves You


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