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"Sweet Georgia Brown" is a jazz standard and pop tune written in 1925 by Ben Bernie and Maceo Pinkard (music) and Kenneth Casey (lyrics), and later covered by The Beatles while working as a back-up band for singer Tony Sheridan.


Two versions exist; the first was recorded on May 24, 1962 in Hamburg, Germany, using the original lyrics. The second (but the first version released) was released in 1964 during the wave of Beatlemania, with Sheridan having re-recorded the vocals with notably more tame lyrics featuring the added verse "in Liverpool she even dares / to criticise the Beatles' hair / with their whole fan-club standing there / oh Sweet Georgia Brown." Bootleggers have utilized the two recordings to produce an instrumental featuring only the Beatles' instruments and backup vocals, entirely eliminating Sheridan.


  • John Lennon - Rhythm guitar and backing vocal
  • Paul McCartney - Bass guitar and backing vocal
  • Geroge Harrison - Lead guitar and backing vocal
  • Pete Best - Drums
  • Roy Young - Piano
  • Tony Sheridan - Lead vocal
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