Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) is a repeat of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band at a faster tempo with heavier instrumentation. While the opening track stays largely in the key of G major (except for transient modulation to F and perhaps C in the bridges), the reprise starts in F and modulates back to G. The track opens with a distorted guitar strumming a "Hendrix chord" (dominant 7th sharp 9). McCartney counts 1..2..3..4, and between 2 and 3, Lennon jokingly adds, "Bye!".

The idea for a reprise was Aspinall's , who thought that as there was a "welcome song", there should be a "goodbye song". The song contains the same melody as the opening version, but with different lyrics. At 1:18, it is one of The Beatles ' shorter songs (the shortest is "Her Majesty" at 0:23). The reprise was recorded on 1 April 1967, two months after the version that opens the album. At the end of the track, Martin's pre-recorded applause sample segues into the final track of the album, "A Day in the Life".

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The version included on the album Love doesn't differ very much from the original, except for the fact that it uses some instrumentation from the track preceding it, Hey Jude. Just like Sgt. Pepper, it is the penultimate song on the album.

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