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Revolution Genre: Hard rock

Revolution 1 Genre: Blues rock, acoustic rock.

Revolution 9 Genre: Sound collage, experimental, avant-garde

Revolution is a song by The Beatles, credited Lennon/McCartney. Recorded on July 12, 1968, it was released on August 26, 1968, on the B-side to Hey Jude.

Other Versions[]

Several other versions of Revolution were also recorded.

Revolution 1[]

"Revolution 1" was the original version of Revolution; Lennon had intended it to be a single, however, the other band members thought it too slow. For more information about Revolution 1, please see this page.

Revolution 9[]

Revolution 9 is a sound collage that appeared on The White Album. For more information on Revolution 9, please see this page.

Revolution 1 (Take 20)[]

Revolution 1 (Take 20) is a bootlegged copy that circulates the internet. It's an extended version of Revolution 1, featuring a longer coda.

Revolution 9 Alternate Mix[]

Revolution 9 Alternate Mix is a bootlegged copy of Revolution 9. Unlike the original Rev. 9, Revolution 9 Alternate Mix, is shorter and is 8:03 long. This is because the end football chants and Yoko saying "If you become naked" is replaced by an echoey "Take this brother, may it serve you well". In this song, you can hear about halfway through, Paul saying "Revolution take 20" which is from the beginning of "Revolution 1 (Take 20).

Revolution (LOVE Version)[]

The LOVE version is pretty much the same as the single version, except that it comes after "Come Together/Dear Prudence", excludes the solo/third verse and segues into Back in the U.S.S.R. The version on the DVD is longer than the version included on the soundtrack.


The credits varied among the different versions of the song.


Revolution 1[]

Revolution 9[]

  • John Lennon – spoken vocals, tape loops, sound effects, piano, mellotron, cymbals, screaming, mumbling
  • George Harrison – spoken vocals, tape loops, sound effects, electric guitar
  • Yoko Ono – spoken vocals, tape loops, sound effects
  • George Martin – spoken vocals
  • Alistair Taylor – spoken vocals
  • Unidentified EMI engineer – spoken vocals *Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr may have contributed to some spoken words on this song*
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