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Piggies is a song written by George Harrison of The Beatles. It was included on The Beatles album (also known as The White Album). The song Piggies is the only Beatles song, other than the covered swear in Hey Jude, that has a swear word in it, albeit a very mild one. During the bridge George goes "In their eyes there's something lacking, what they need's a damn good whacking."


  • George Harrison — Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar (1968 Gibson J-200), Vocalized Grunting
  • Paul McCartney — Backing Vocals, Bass Guitar (1966 Fender Jazz Bass)
  • John Lennon — Backing Vocals, Tape Effects, Vocalized Grunting
  • Ringo Starr — Tambourine, Bass Drum
  • Chris Thomas- Harpsichord
  • Henry Datyner, Eric Bowie, Norman Lederman, Ronald Thomas — Violins
  • John Underwood, Keith Cummings — Violas
  • Eldon Fox, Reginald Kilbey — Cellos

Sound Effects tape: Volume 35: Animals and Bees- Pigs

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