Pete Best
Born 1941
Association with the Beatles Former drummer for The Beatles

Randolph Peter Best (Pete Best) was born in 1941 in India; he was the former drummer for The Beatles. The Beatles had problems getting a drummer before they get to Hamburg, so Paul McCartney suggested Pete Best. When they were in Hamburg they went to a night club called the Indra Club and later to the Kaiserkeller Club. On November 10, John Lennon left Germany. On November 21, George Harrison was expelled from Germany because he was too young to be in a night club at 17. On November 29, Paul McCartney and Pete were arrested because they set fire to a curtain in the Bambi Cinema. On November 30, Paul McCartney and Pete Best were taken out of jail and deported back to England. When they returned, they started to play in a club named the Cavern Club but on August 16 Best was expelled from the band because, officially, their music producer George Martin was dissatisfied with Best's drumming; although recent events and testimonials put this claim in doubt, the real reason of Pete's outset being considered by many to be still a mystery. He was replaced in the band by Ringo Starr.

220px-Pete Best2005

Pete Best as he looked in May 2013.

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