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My Bonnie
My Bonnie (album)
Released 5 January 1962
Studio Friedrich-Ebert-Halle and Studio Rahlstedt, Hamburg-Tonndorf, West Germany
Genre rock
Label Polydor
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Twist and Shout

My Bonnie is the name of a 1961 single, a 1962 album and a 1963 EP by Tony Sheridan and The Beat Brothers, better known as The Beatles.


On The Beatles' first visit to Hamburg, Germany in 1960, they met rock and roller Tony Sheridan, and became friends with him. On their second visit, in 1961, The Beatles backed Sheridan in a series of stage performances. It is sometimes said that German Polydor agent Bert Kaempfert saw Sheridan with The Beatles, but others report that a friend of Kaempfert's suggested that he bring them in to put down some recordings. Either way, he produced the material with Karl Hinzeengineering. While they recorded a number of songs together (as well as alone), few of them actually made it on to the album, with Sheridan re-recording many of them. The Beatles are known to appear on "My Bonnie" and "The Saints" (this pair was also released as a single, see below). The version of "Swanee River" on the album has sometimes been said to feature The Beatles, however that version is in fact not included here, and it is not known whether the original recording still exists.

Legend says, in 1961, Raymond Jones, a young man from Liverpool, made a request for a copy of the "My Bonnie" single, which brought The Beatles to the attention of then-record store manager Brian Epstein, and set in motion the events that would lead him to become their manager.[1] After The Beatles became successful, the eight tracks The Beatles worked on and some other Beat Brothers material were issued on an album in 1964 titled The Beatles' First.

Track listing[edit][]

Side one
  1. "My Bonnie" (traditional, arranged by Tony Sheridan)
  2. "Skinny Minnie" (Bill HaleyRusty KeeferMilt GablerCatherine Cafra)
  3. "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin On" (Dave WilliamsSonny David)
  4. "I Know Baby" (Sheridan)
  5. "You Are My Sunshine" (Jimmie DavisCharles Mitchell)
  6. "Ready Teddy" (Robert BlackwellJohn Marascalco)
Side two
  1. "The Saints" (James Milton BlackKatharine Purvis)
  2. "Hallelujah, I Love Her So" (Ray Charles)
  3. "Let's Twist Again" (Kal MannDave Appell, Buchenkamp)
  4. "Sweet Georgia Brown" (Bernie, Pinkard, Casey)
  5. "Swanee River" (Stephen Foster)
  6. "Top Ten Twist" (Homsen, Bones, Sheridan, Lüth)