Martha My Dear is a song written by Paul McCartney about his English Sheepdog, Martha. This song is on the white album .

Paul With Martha


The song was recorded on October 4 1968 with only 2 Beatles being present, Paul and George, as seen playing his Gibson Les Paul in the picture below.


Here's a picture from the session. Note that contrary to popular belief, Paul isn't the only Beatle on this song, as we can see George here with his Gibson guitar


  • Paul McCartney -Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar (1964 Rickenbacker 4001S), Lead Guitar (1965 Epiphone 230TD Casino), Piano, Drums and Handclaps
  • George Harrison -Rhythm Guitar (1957 Gibson Les Paul Standard)
  • Bernard Miller-Violin
  • Dennis McConnell-Violin
  • Lou Sofier-Violin
  • Les Maddox-Violin
  • Leo Birnbaum-Viola
  • Henry Myerscough-Cello
  • Frederick Alexander-Cello
  • Leon Calvert-Trumpet and Flugelhorn
  • Stanley Reynolds-Trumpet
  • Ronnie Hughes-Trumpet
  • Tony Tunstall-French Horn
  • Ted Barker-Trombone
  • Alf Reese-Tuba
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