Louise French/Harrison was born on the 10th March, 1911 at West Derby, Metropolitan Borough of Liverpool,

Merseyside, England, to John French and Louise Woollam.

Louise French met her husband-to-be Harold Harrison when she was a teenager working as a grocer's assistant. He was a steward in the Merchant Navy. He was laid off and went on the dole before he found regular work as a bus driver.

They parents married in 1930 and moved to a tiny two up two down, 12 Arnold Grove, and George Harrison was born there in 1943. His sister, Louise Harrison, was born in the same place in 1931 as had his brother Harry Harrison in 1934, and Peter Harrison in 1940. When George was six his family moved from Wavertree to a spacious, modem council house, 25 Upton Green, Speke.

Sadly, she died on July 7th 1970, in Warrington, Warrington Unitary Authority, Cheshire, England, aged only 59.

She was the mother of George Harrison.