List of Instruments[edit | edit source]

This is a list of various instruments that were owned, played by, or used by The Beatles.


Guitars[edit | edit source]

The Beatles have widely been known to use guitars throughout their performance

Framus[edit | edit source]

  • 1965 Framus Hootenanny (Lennon)
    • Lennon used it to record "Help!" "It's Only Love", "Two Of Us", "Polythene Pam" and "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" among other songs. Its whereabouts are unknown

Egmond[edit | edit source]

  • Egmond Rosetti Solid 7 (McCartney) McCartney first used this guitar as a makeshift bass before receiving his first Höfner violin bass.
  • Egmond Rosetti 276 (Harrison) - One of the first ever guitars Harrison owned.

Rickenbacker[edit | edit source]

Gretsch[edit | edit source]

Höfner[edit | edit source]

  • Höfner Club 40 (Lennon/McCartney)

    Paul with his Hofner "Violin" bass guitar

  • 1961 Hofner 500/1 Violin Bass (McCartney)
  • 1963 Hofner 500/1 Violin bass (McCartney)
  • Hofner 5140 Hawaiian Standard lap steel guitar (Lennon)

Epiphone[edit | edit source]

  • 1965 Epiphone 230TD Casino
    • All members except Ringo played one.
    • Paul's strings, bridge, and nut were inverted to be left handed
    • They were all originally sunburst but Lennon had his stripped to let it breathe.
      • it was used on the rooftop.
    • George had a Bigsby bridge installed.

      two Casinos in action

  • Epiphone Texan
    • McCartney used this as his acoustic guitar until he got a Martin in the later years.

Gibson[edit | edit source]

George had a Gibson Les Paul Standard that was a gift from Eric Clapton that was used on While My Guitar Gently Weeps by Clapton.

  • It was gold topped before it was refinished to a cherry red at the Gibson factory.
  • Was stolen from under George's bed in 1970 and was later purchased at a Guitar Center in Hollywood, California.
    • George had to trade a '56 Les Paul and a Precision Bass for it.
  • It was nicknamed "Lucy" after comedienne Lucille Ball.

    Gibson SG

Gibson J-160e on the right with John's original Rickenbacker

Fender[edit | edit source]

  • 1961 Sonic Blue Fender Stratocaster (Lennon/ Harrison)
    • George later repainted his, and named it Rocky.

      George during the Let it Be sessions with his new Telecaster

  • 1964 Fender Esquire (McCartney) - known to have been used in Strawberry Fields Forever, among other songs

Repainted and nicknamed "Rocky"

Martin[edit | edit source]

  • Martin D-28 (McCartney)

Ramirez[edit | edit source]

  • Ramirez A-1 classical guitar: Owned by both Lennon and Harrison at some point in 1964. May or may not have been the same guitar.

Ovation[edit | edit source]

  • Ovation 1651 Legend (Lennon)

Drums[edit | edit source]

Main article: Drums
  • Ringo originally had a four piece Ludwig kit with a Black Oyster Pearl finish and the classic Drop-T logo.

For Magical Mystery Tour, he painted his own drum head.

In 1968, Ringo upgraded to a five-piece Maple finish Ludwig Hollywood kit.

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