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Johnny and the Moondogs were a short lived pre-cursor to The Beatles active for three months between August and November 1959. With George Harrison being 16, and Ken Brown being 19 at the time, it is the last 'Beatles' lineup to feature all teenagers.


The Quarrymen II (August - October 1959)[]

In August of 1959 The Les Stewart Quartet, had broken up after an arguement between members. Despite this, the group's guitarists George Harrison and Ken Brown still wanted to perform their scheduled gig at The Casbah Coffee Club's opening night. Remebering The Quarrymen, a group which had broken up eight months prior, Harrison contacted former members John Lennon and Paul McCartney to reunite the Quarrymen for the performance. Their performane was a success, and the group were offered a residency at the venue. They performed there a total of seven times, before quitting due to a payment dispute. Ken Brown had been unable to perform on October 10th due to illness, but he watched the show. After the performance was over all the band members were paid 15 shillings, including Brown, which upset the other members.

Johnny & The Moondogs (October - November 1959)[]

On October 18th, 1959, TV Star Search, a televised talent competion, returend to Liverpool. Lennon, with the orignal Quarymen, had failed an auditon for TV Star Search two years prior in 1957. Perhaps wanting to differentiate himself from that old lineup, the group decided to rename themselves Johnny & The Moondogs. This time, Lennon would pass the audition, and qualified for the regional finals,[1] but was ultimately beaten by The Connaughts, a group featuring members who had beaten Lennon the first time around. However, coming in second place, The Moondogs still went through to the finals.[2] The finals were held in Manchester. Due to train schedules and their inability to secure a hotel room, The Moondogs had to return to Liverpool before votes could be counted.[3] Afterwards, Johnny & The Moondogs were disbanded. Five months later Paul McCartney and John Lennon became 'The Nark Twins', which reinspired them to perform live again, eventually forming The Silver Beatles with Harrison in May of 1960.


As The Quarrymen

  • August 29th, 1959: Casbah Coffee Club, Liverpool
  • September 5th, 1959: Casbah Coffee Club, Liverpool
  • September 12th, 1959: Casbah Coffee Club, Liverpool
  • September 19th, 1959: Casbah Coffee Club, Liverpool
  • Septembre 26th, 1959: Casbah Coffee Club, Liverpool
  • October 3rd, 1959: Casbah Coffee Club, Liverpool
  • October 10th, 1959: Casbah Coffee Club, Liverpool

As Johnny & The Moondogs

  • October 18th, 1959: TV Star Search audition, Liverpool
  • October 26th, 1959: Empire Theatre, Liverpool
  • November 15th, 1959: Hippodrome, Manchester



These are the songs the group had written up to this point, although due to their limited instrumentaion at the time (The group consisted entirely of four guitarists), it's unknown how many of these could have been performed.

Written Whilst Group was active[]

  • Michelle (Lennon/McCartney)
  • George's Instr
  • Winston's Stuart

Grandfathered In From The Quarrymen[]

  • Cayenne (McCartney, written early 1959)
  • Hot As Sun (McCartney, written early 1959)
  • Looking Glass (Lennon, written early 1959)
  • Winston's Walk (Lennon, written early 1959)
  • Like Dreamer's Do (McCartney, written early 1959)
  • I'll Be On My Way (McCartney, written early 1959)
  • I'll Follow The Sun (McCartney, written early 1959)
  • Love of The Loved (McCartney, written early 1959)
  • In Spite of All the Danger (McCartney/Harrison) (Written 1958)
  • Hello Little Girl (Lennon/McCartney) (Written 1957)
  • Love Me Do (Lennon/McCartney) (Written 1958)
  • I Call Your Name (Lennon/McCartney, written 1958)
  • What Goes On (Lennon/McCartney) (Written 1957)
  • When I'm 64 (Lennon/McCartney) (Written 1956)
  • Fancy Me Chances With You (Lennon/McCartney, written 1958)
  • Because I Know You Love Me So (Lennon/McCartney, written 1958)
  • Catswalk (McCartney, written 1958)
  • Too Bad About Sorrows (Lennon/McCartney) (Written 1957)
  • Just Fun (Lennon/McCartney) (Written 1957)
  • That's My Woman (Lennon, written 1958)
  • Calypso Rock (Lennon, written 1957)
  • My Love Is Like A Bird (Lennon, written 1957)
  • I Lost My Little Girl (McCartney, written 1957)
  • Thinking of Linking (McCartney, written 1957)
  • Suicidie (McCartney) (Written 1956)


Three song lists of songs performed by Paul McCartney and George Harrison in 1959. It's unknown if this was a setlsit for The Quarrymen or for The Moondogs.

Paul's Songs

  • Mean Woman Blues (2 Minutes)
  • Whole Lotta Shaking (3 Minutes)
  • Honey Don't (2 Minutes)
  • I'll Never Let You Go (2 Minutes)
  • Baby Let's Play House (2 Minutes)
  • I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine (2 Minutes)
  • Thinking Of Linking
  • That's All Right (3 Minutes)
  • Blue Moon Of Kentucky (2 Minutes)
  • Any Place Is Paradise (2 Minutes)
  • Since My Baby Left Me (5 Minutes)
  • Love Of My Life (2 Minutes)
  • Halleula! (3 Minutes)

George's Songs

  • Glad All Over (2 Minutes)
  • Roll Over Beethoven (3 Minutes)
  • Matchbox (2 Minutes)
  • Midnight Shift (2 Minutes)
  • Say Mamma (2 Minutes)
  • Keep A Knockin (2 Minutes)
  • Money Honey (3 Minutes)
  • Looking For Someone (2 Minutes)
  • That'll Be The Day (2 Minutes)
  • Crying Waiting Hoping (2 Minutes)
  • Honky Tonk Blues (2 Minutes)
  • That's Right (3 Minutes)
  • Just Because (3 Minutes)


  • Catswalk (1 Minute)
  • Monday Morning Blues
  • Big Bill Blues
  • Harry Lime
  • Blue Comet B
  • Looking Glass
  • George's Instr
  • Guitar Boogie
  • Winston's--Stuart
  • Catalina
  • Padola
  • Weekend
  • Son Of Honky
  • Sleepwank
  • September Song