Jane Asher
Jane Asher
Born April 5, 1946; age 74
Occupation Actress
Association with the Beatles Ex girlfriend of Paul McCartney.

Jane Asher is an English actress and former fiancée of Beatle Paul McCartney .

Early LifeEdit

Jane Asher was born on April 5th, 1946 in Willesden, North West London to Dr. Richard Alan John and Margaret Asher (née Eliot.) She was their second child, their first was Peter Asher born on 22nd June 1944 and their third child was Clare Asher born in 1948. Jane was a student at Queen's college in Harley street, London.

Later LifeEdit

Jane ended her relationship with Paul in 1968. In 1971, she met Gerald Scarfe, a famous cartoonist and illustrator, they married in 1981.

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