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"I wrote a couple of things while I was [in Rishikesh, India]. I had a song called "I Will," but I didn't have any words for it."

-Paul McCartney, The Beatles Anthology

I Will is a song written and sung by Paul McCartney of The Beatles.


September 16, 1968- An incredible 67 takes were recorded this day, but not all were complete. (The tapes from this session include Paul ad-libbing during the recording: Take 19 of the song included him playing the "Can You Take Me Back where I came from, can you take me back?" snippet that appears on The White Album between "Cry Baby Cry" and "Revolution 9.") Also, Take 35 featured a brief and impromptu version of "Step Inside Love," a song Paul had written for Cilla Black. Other ad libs during this day's recording included "Los Paranoias" and "The Way You Look Tonight" (not the Sinatra song, but an original short number whose lyric was derived from "I Will"). "Step Inside Love" and "Los Paranoias" are on Anthology 3, as is Take 1 of "I Will."

The 67th take of "I Will" was decided as the master. The four-track tape was copied to another for use as an eight-track.

September 17, 1968- Only Paul was involved in overdubbing a backing vocal, a baritone "mouth bass" line, and a second acoustic guitar track.

September 26, 1968- Mono mixing

October 14, 1968- Stereo mixing

November 22, 1968- First released on the UK LP The Beatles.


  • James Taylor's son Ben recorded his cover of "I Will" for the soundtrack of the 1995 movie Bye Bye Love. In 1968, James was the first artiste to record on The Beatles' new label Apple.
  • "I Will" has been covered by Tim Curry, Maureen McGovern and Alison Krauss, as well as Ben Taylor


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