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"Gotta Find My Baby" is a rock and roll song written and recorded in 1941 by Peter Joe Clayton under the name "Doctor Clayton." In the 1950s, cover versions of the were recorded as "I Got To Find My Baby" by other Rhythm & Blues artists, including B.B. King (1952), Little Walter (1954) and Chuck Berry, who is sometimes miscredited as the song's composer. The song was also covered by the Beatles in 1963.

The Beatles version[]

The Beatles first recorded their version of Chuck Berry's rendition of the song on June 1, 1963, at the BBC Paris Studioin London for the second Pop Go The Beatles radio show. The group recorded two versions of the song as "I Got to Find My Baby" (credited to Berry). The song was first broadcast on June 11 and was later included on the 1994 album Live at the BBC. Later that month, they performed the song on the Saturday Club program on June 24. The performance was taped at the Playhouse Theatre in London, and was first broadcast five days later.[citation needed]

The Beatles had already performed several songs written by Chuck Berry. John Lennon sang lead vocal and played harmonica, as he did on most of their covers of Berry's songs.


  • John Lennon – vocals, harmonica, rhythm guitar
  • Paul McCartney – bass
  • George Harrison – lead guitar
  • Ringo Starr – drums