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Honey Pie is a song by the Beatles, from their 1968 album The Beatles (the "White Album"). Although credited to Lennon/McCartney, it was composed entirely by Paul McCartney. Despite the similarity of title, the song is unrelated to "Wild Honey Pie".


The song is a direct homage to the British music-hall style. It concerns a famed actress, known through the hypocorism "Honey Pie", who becomes famous in the United States, and her old lover, who wishes for her to rejoin him in England. The premise – a humble admirer yearning for the return of his lover – is not unlike a typical music-hall plot. In order to establish an appropriate, old-timey sound, 'scratches' were added to the third line, "Now she's hit the big time!" from a 78 RPM record.


The Beatles began recording "Honey Pie" on 1 October 1968, at Trident Studios in London's Wardour Street.

Just one take was recorded on the first day, although it is likely that a number of rehearsal attempts had previously been recorded and wiped. The next day, McCartney taped his lead vocals, and a lead guitar part was added. According to George Harrison, John Lennon played the guitar solo.[1]

Cover versions[]

The song has been covered by Alan Klein (1969), Barbra Streisand, the King's Singers, The Golden Gate Quartet, Tuck & Patti, and John Pizzarelli, among others. Perhaps the strangest version was performed by Dom DeLuise in the 1978 film {C Sextette (which included the comic tapdancing on a piano).



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