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Paul McCartney - Fuh You

“Fuh You” is a song by former Beatle member Paul McCartney in his album Egypt Station.


The title of the song is wordplay, making “For you” sound like “Fuck you”. This came about during the recording when McCartney sang “I Just wanna shag you” in the song’s chorus as a joke. Amused, he decided to make it questionable instead, whether the listener could hear the words “for you” or “fuck you” in the finished song.


The song was one of several co-written and produced with Ryan Tedder but the only one to make it on the album. Other songs from this collaboration included “Nothing for Free”, which was released as a bonus track on album’s deluxe edition, and “Get Enough”, which was released as a single in 2019.


The song was released on August 15th, 2018 to promote McCartney’s album Egypt Station. The song was also released on streaming services, and a lyric video was uploaded to YouTube. On September 10th, 2018, a music video was uploaded to YouTube to promote the single.


  • Paul McCartney - lead vocals, bass guitar, harpsichord, piano, acoustic guitar, Wurlitzer
  • Ryan Tedder - backing vocals, programming
  • David Angell - violin
  • Alicia Enstrom - violin
  • Betsy Lamb - viola
  • Paul Nelson - cello
  • Jack Jezzro - string bass
  • Brandon Michael Collins - strings, arrangement, strings producer

Music video[]

The black and white video opens with a teenage couple sharing a kiss on the doorstep before the girl’s mother intrudes and sends the boy home. The young protagonist then wanders around the streets of Liverpool, singing and dancing along with “Fuh You” as he makes his way home.


Despite positive reviews for the album Egypt Station, the song received negative responses from critics.