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Four Guys is a mashup song by James Richards on the mashup album Everyday Chemistry.


This song, like all of the album named Everyday Chemistry that is a mashup made by James Richards. He used song of the members of the Beatles after they break up, in a goal to make Beatles'song as they could have done it if they didn’t break up in 1970.

Four Guys is the first song of this album.

The intro is extracted from an interview of John Lennon on the 8th December 1970 for the Rolling Stones Magazine.

The instrumental is made by mixing “When we was Fab” of George Harrison, and “Band on the Run” of Paul McCartney and the Wings.

The lyrics are also extracted from these songs.


Band on the Run (song) - Paul McCartney

When We Was Fab - George Harrison

I'm Moving On - Yoko Ono

Vertical Man - Ringo Starr