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"Come and Get It" is a Badfinger song that Paul McCartney wrote to give to the band.


"Come and Get It" was written for the movie The Magic Christian.  Paul was asked to make the soundtrack, and he wrote this song.

The song was recorded by Paul McCartney on July 24, 1969, during the Abbey Road sessions.  He was the only Member of The Beatles contributing in the recording, but John was watching as Paul recorded the song.

Badfinger was offered the song under the conditions they record it well, otherwise Paul would keep it for the Beatles.  It was recorded using the same organization as Paul's version.

Paul was later asked about what the song was written about, and he said it was unclear what the song was saying, to come and get something, so it's unknown what he meant.

The song remains a staple in McCartney's concert repetoire.

The original version recorded by Paul Mccartney appears on the 1996 Anthology 3 Album.


Paul McCartney -Vocals, Piano, Drums, Maracas, Bass

Length - 2'29

Album - Anthology 3