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The John Lennon Statue outside The Cavern Club.

The Beatles in Cavern

The Cavern Club

Brian Epstein at The Cavern Club in 1963

The Cavern Club is an old pub in Liverpool on Matthew Street. In the beginning the Cavern was a jazz club and a classical music club, but when rock and pop came to the world, the Cavern changed to a pop and rock club. In 1962 The Beatles, a young group with four members Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Pete Best, started performing there. They were the most popular band the Cavern Club had seen. The Cavern was the most famous club in England in the '60s because The Beatles had played there very often.

The venue is featured as a level in the video game The Beatles: Rock Band.

The Replica of The Cavern Club In Liverpool nowadays.

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