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Brian Epstein
Born September 19, 1934
Died August 27, 1967
Occupation Manager, Salesman
Association with the Beatles Manager from 1962 - 1967

Brian Samuel Epstein was the manager for The Beatles. He managed the Beatles from 1962 until he died of an overdose on August 27, 1967.

Early Years[]

Brian Epstein was born on September 19, 1934, to Harry and Queenie Epstein. Brian had been raised in Liverpool throughout multiple locations during his childhood. It was after his 16th birthday that he had asked his father to allow him to design dresses. Harry opposed this idea, and demanded that Brian work in the family’s furniture store. Despite being unhappy with the job, Brian excelled at being a salesman. A famous example is selling an expensive table to a woman who asked for a mirror.

Later, the National Compulsory Service drafted Epstein. He served for two years, until he was discharged for being mentally and emotionally unfit. Epstein revealed to a psychiatrist, that he had wanted to be an actor. It was after this that he joined the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He remained in the school until his third term. When he returned, his father placed him in charge of NEMS music store. It was with Epstein’s exhausting work that the store became the success that it did. It wasn’t until a customer had asked him for a copy of “My Bonnie” played by Tony Sheridan and a new group known as the “beat brothers”, that he learned about the Beatles.

Influence on The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show and tours[]

Brian was the one who brought up the idea of The Beatles bowing in unison after each song when they performed live. He also came up with the idea to wear suits and jackets.


Brian died of a drug overdose in late 1967. Many speculate, however it was a suicide, because at that time, the Beatles were taking meditation lessons with the Maharishi, and were growing farther away from him.

Sexual Orientation[]

Brian Epstein was a closeted homosexual, however this wasn’t because his choice, and at the time, certain homosexual acts were illegal in the UK, not homosexuality itself. He always had an attraction to strong dangerous men, often soliciting sex in less than reputable places. His choice in men, and orientation, had led to speculation of taking advantage of John Lennon during a vacation in Spain. Although John adamantly denied any type of interaction, he later admitted to questioning Brian about his preferences. It was rumoured Brian had developed a slight crush on Paul, but always favouring John. John also frequently assaulted Brian’s orientation. Most notably during the outtakes of “Baby You're a Rich Man ”, in which he sung the lyrics with a slight alteration to jab Brian “Baby You’re A Rich Fag Jew.” He was also the inspiration of "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away."

Blue Plaque for Brian Epstein

There is a campaign called Statue for Eppy to have a Bronze statue of Brian made in Liverpool for £70,000.