"Blackbird" is a song written by Paul McCartney of The Beatles (credited Lennon/McCartney). It was included on the compilation album Love. It originally appeared on 1968 Beatles album The White Album. The Love version of this song is only the guitar part, with no words, and flows into the song Yesterday, also by Paul McCartney. On The White Album, the song came between two other songs with animal names: Piggies and Rocky Raccoon (although the latter is about a man nicknamed that, not a literal raccoon). Blackbird is the only song by The Beatles that has only one instrument part, other than a tapping foot and bird song sounds.

The song was recorded on June 11, 1968, with John Lennon in another studio working on his avant-garde track "Revolution 9."

Hear a snippet of the recording session for this song:

The Beatles - Blackbird Rehearsal Session .mp3


  • Paul McCartney -Lead Vocals,Acoustic Guitar (1964 Epiphone Texan),Tape Loops and Foot-taps
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