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Beatallica is a Beatles/Metallica mash-up band that has been active since 2001. A typical song by then combines a song by the Beatles with a song by Metallica (e.g., The Thing That Should Not Let it Be, A Garage Dayz Nite, Everybody's Got A Ticket to Ride Except Me and My Lightning, etc.), although in some cases it's just a Beatles song with different lyrics, mostly being criticisms against glam metal (I Want to Choke Your Band) or references to blood (All You Need Is Blood, see below for more information). They have two studio albums, three EPs and a maxi-single.


The band was formed in 2001 at the annual Spoof Fest in Milwaukee, the orginal two being Jaymz Lennfield and Krk Hammetson. The EP A Garage Dayz Nite (see below) was recorded as a memento and a few copies were handed out to friends. Eventually, it found its way online a year later thanks to Dr. David Dixon, who made a web page for them and gave the MP3s for free. He was also the one to name the band "Beatallica". A year later (2002), David met the band, who was unaware of the website up until that point, and presented them with a stack of e-mails, which prompted them to make their second EP, Beatallica, also known as The Grey Album, which was released online April 1st, 2004. After signing with label Oglio, the band released full-length albums Sgt. Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band (2007) and Masterful Mystery Tour (2009). Their third, Abbey Load (2013), was hit with legal action by Sony Music, the distributor of Oglio and owner of the Beatles' catalogue through Sony/ATV Music Publishing, forcing them to use the original Beatles lyrics. Parodies of George Harrison's "Something" and "Here Comes the Sun" were also vetoed by his estate.


The band members go under stage names (but their real names have been revealed in interviews).



  • Krk Hammetson (refering to George Harrison and Kirk Hammet) - lead guitar

Special Guests[]

  • Diablo Mysterioso (refering to "L'Angelo Misterioso", one of George's pseudonyms) - guitar
  • Joey Nicol (referring to Joey Jordison and Jimmy Nicol, real name Mike Portnoy ) - drums
  • Billy Prestaine (referring to Dave Mustaine and Billy Preston, real name Timo Heinänen) - keyboards


  • (2001) A Garage Dayz Nite (EP)
  • (2004) Beatallica (The Grey Album) (EP)
  • (2007) Sgt. Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band (CD)
  • (2008) All You Need Is Blood (maxi-single)
  • (2009) Masterful Mystery Tour (CD)
  • (2009) Winter Plunderband (EP)
  • (2013) Abbey Load (CD)
  • (2021) The Devolver Album


Name Beatles song Metallica song Notes
...And Justice For All My Loving All My Loving ...And Justice For All
A Garage Dayz Nite A Hard Day's Night Garage_Days_Re-Revisited
All You Need Is Blood All You Need Is Love Received versions in various languages
And I'm Evil And I Love Her Am I Evil? Metallica song was a cover from Diamond Head; features a Glenn Danzig imitator
Anesthesia (I'm Only Sleeping) I'm Only Sleeping, Birthday Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth), Seek and Destroy Metallica song was instrumental, leading to a song-wide bass solo; only lyrics are a parody of "Birthday"
Apocalypse Pam Polythene Pam My Apocalypse Abbey Load version uses Beatles lyrics
Blackened The U.S.S.R Back in the U.S.S.R. Blackened Guitar intro mimicks the outro of "Hey Jude"
Carry The Wait Carry That Weight Whiplash, The Wait Abbey Load version uses Beatles lyrics; lyrics comes from Metallica's cover of Diamond Head's "The Wait"
Come Through the Never Come Together Through the Never Abbey Load version uses Beatles lyrics
Everbody's Got a Ticket To Ride Except For Me And My Lightning Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey, Ticket to Ride Ride the Lightning Mixes two Beatles songs
Fade to Blackbird Blackbird Fade to Black Abbey Load version (simply titled "Blackbird") is an acoustic instrumental
For Horseman For No One The Four Horsemen
For Whom Michelle Tolls Michelle For Whom the Bell Tolls Abbey Load version uses Beatles lyrics aside the chorus
Fuel On the Hill The Fool on the Hill Fuel
Got To Get You Trapped Under Ice Got to Get You into My Life Trapped Under Ice
Helvester of Skelter Helter Skelter Harvester of Sorrow
Her Majesty Her Majesty The View Drummer Ringo Larz imitates Lou Reed
Here Comes Revenge Here Comes the Sun Here Comes Revenge A previous song that used "Here Comes the Sun" was cut from Abbey Load after a veto from the Harrison estate
Hero Of The Day Tripper Day Tripper Hero of the Day
Hesh Help (song) Helpless Original song was a Diamond Head cover; Abbey Load version uses Beatles lyrics
Hey Dude Hey Jude
I Want To Choke Your Band I Want to Hold Your Hand
I'll Just Bleed Your Face I've Just Seen a Face Bleeding Me
I Saw Her Thrashing There I Saw Her Standing There Abbey Load version uses Beatles lyrics
Ktulu (He's so heavy) I Want You (She's So Heavy) Call of Ktulu Metallica song was instrumental
Leper Madonna Lady Madonna Leper Messiah
Masterful Mystery Tour Magical Mystery Tour Master of Puppets
Mean Mr. Mustaine Mean Mr. Mustard The Four Horsemen\Mechanix Title alludes to former Metallica guitarist Dave Mustaine, who went on to form Megadeth; Abbey Load version uses original Beatles lyrics
No Remorseful Reply No Reply No Remorse
Please Please Me (Or I'll Beat You) Please Please Me 2x4 Abbey Load version uses Beatles lyrics
Revol-ooh-tion Revolution
Running for Your Life Run for Your Life
Sandman Taxman Enter Sandman
Sgt. Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Motorbreath
She Came In Through the Dirty Window She Came in Through the Bathroom Window Dirty Window Abbey Load version uses Beatles lyrics
Something Else Matters Something Nothing Else Matters Cut from Abbey Load after a veto from the Harrison estate
Sun King Nothing Sun King King Nothing Abbey Load version uses Beatles lyrics
The Battery Of Jaymz And Yoko The Ballad of John and Yoko Battery
The End The End The End of the Line Abbey Load version uses Beatles lyrics; like the original features solos by all Beatles, everyone, including a guest, plays a guitar solo
The Thing That Should Not Let It Be Let It Be The Thing That Should Not Be
Tomorrow Never Comes Tomorrow Never Knows The Day That Never Comes
Until It Slumbers Golden Slumbers Until It Sleeps Abbey Load version uses Beatles lyrics
We Can Hit the Lightz We Can Work It Out Hit the Lights
Wherever and Everywhere Here, There and Everywhere Wherever I May Roam
While My Guitar Deathly Creeps While My Guitar Gently Weeps Creeping Death
You Never Give Me Misery You Never Give Me Your Money My Friend of Misery Abbey Load version uses Beatles lyrics

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