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Ain't She Sweet was an American album featuring four tracks recorded in Hamburg in 1961 by The Beatles featuring Tony Sheridan (except for the title song with vocal by John Lennon) and cover versions of Beatles and British Invasion-era songs recorded by the Swallows. As Atlantic Records only had rights to four Sheridan/Beatle recordings recorded by Polydor Records, they filled the rest of the album with Beatle and British Invasion cover songs. When this material was released by Atco Records, there were mono (catalogue number 33-169) and stereo (SD 33-169) editions. (For this release, a second drum track (apparently by Bernard Purdie) was overdubbed on "Ain't She Sweet" as apparently, Atlantic officials were not impressed by the drumming of Pete Best. They also edited out Sheridan's profanity on "Take Out Some Insurance On Me, Baby".

Track listing[]

Side one

All performances by The Beatles featuring Tony Sheridan unless otherwise indicated

  1. "Ain't She Sweet" (performed by The Beatles), music by Milton Ager, lyrics by Jack Yellen)
  2. "Sweet Georgia Brown"
  3. "Take Out Some Insurance On Me, Baby" (C. Singleton Waldenese Hall)
  4. "Nobody's Child"
  5. "I Wanna Be Your Man" (performed by The Swallows)
  6. "She Loves You" (performed by The Swallows)
Side two

All performances by The Swallows

  1. "How Do You Do It?"
  2. "Please Please Me"
  3. "I'll Keep You Satisfied"
  4. "I'm Telling You Now"
  5. "I Want to Hold Your Hand"
  6. "From Me to You"