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Ain't She Sweet is a song on The Early Tapes of The Beatles and can also be heard on Anthology 1 , Disc 1, Track 11 and Anthology 3 , Disc 2, Track 19. Paul, Ringo, and George perfomed it with George on Ukulele, Paul singing, and Ringo playing lap drums for the Anthology documentary.


This song doesn't feature Sheridan, John Lennon singing lead vocal, its a staple of their 1961 stage act.


  • John Lennon: Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar (1958 Rickenbacker 325)
  • Paul McCartney: Bass Guitar (1961 Hofner 500/1)
  • George Harrison: Lead Guitar (1957 Gretsch Duo Jet)
  • Pete Best: Drums
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