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The Beatles atop Apple Corps in their last live public concert. (January 30, 1969.)

  • 1 January — The Beatles begin filming Let It Be (film)
  • 10 January — Arguments between John, Yoko, and Paul prompt George to walk out on the group during a session.
  • 18 January — John announces that Apple is suffering major financial problems
  • 20 January — Film resumes on Let It Be (film)
  • 30 January — The Beatles perform atop Apple Corps in London. It would be their last live public concert. The performance was halted by police 42 minutes into their set due to complaints from local business owners.
  • 3 February — John, George and Ringo appoint Allen Klein to take charge of their affairs, Paul rejects the appointment in favor of his soon to be father — in — law Lee Eastman.
  • 12 March —
    • Paul marries Linda Eastman
    • George and his wife Patti have their home raided on charges of cannabis possession.
  • 20 March — John and Yoko marry in Gibraltar